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  2. R. L. Galloway Surveying, Licensed Virginia Land Surveyors
    A Virginia SWaM Certified Business
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    About Us
    Experienced, Responsive, Professional Land Surveyors Serving Virginia since 1977


    Quality And Reliability That You Need, Accuracy You Can Trust at an Affordable fee.



      Thank you for visiting R.L. Galloway Surveying. We are eager to assist you in your Land Surveying project. We take pride in being the top land surveying firm when it comes to customer service. "Let us show you the difference."

    Within this site you will find a lot of useful surveying information. Take some time to look around our site and give us a call. 

    Rob D'Angiolillo, PLS
    Virginia Professional Land Surveyor


    Office: (757) 394-1995
    Email:  rob@www.khnqw.cn



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